Feedback - Add plugin model/plugins to the developer API

Hi OpenAI team/ community,

I got access to the alpha version of ChatGPT plugins, and I am pretty blown away by how well they work. I have already begun playing with a few ideas I have.

However, what would make Plugins 100x better would be if I could use them in the API. Currently, it’s incredibly finicky to “prompt in” your information and is very brittle in some applications, but from what I have seen, plugins essentially solve this pain point. Aside from solving a big pain point, plugins also add way more capabilities to GPT-powered applications that are mostly not possible with today’s API.

I understand plugins are still incredibly early and everyone is still learning about them, but this functionality is something I’d be willing to pay for yesterday! If I could offer one suggestion, maybe add a plugin approval for API users alongside the platform approval in the short term to curb misuse, long term add automated moderation like with GPT.

Would greatly appreciate it if this could happen!

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I support this idea too! It would be awesome use plugins with the API of OpenAI

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yes, agreed. That would take things up a notch.

I also support this request. If plugins can be used through the APIs, then we only need to develop a new capability as a plugin, then use it in both venues: the ChatGPT app and our own app. Without this capability, when we use GPT through an API in our app, we have to find workaround ways to teach GPT to use our APIs when necessary (such as looking up a knowledge base).

Thank you!


I use internal and external prompts to solve this issue. I think what you’re asking is already possible using this technique.

There basically three prompt points; the specification yaml which defines the api, paths and descriptions, the api response from the hosted app back to the plug-in and the internal prompt that can be used to guide the internal logic of the application itself and is unseen by the end user.

That’s an interesting idea! Let me try to break it down for my understanding. Does this look like the right steps?

  1. The user sends a message to our app.
  2. Our app sends the message to ChatGPT using API, along with extra instructions to let ChatGPT know if it needs to ask the plugin API for more info.
  3. We get a reply.
  4. Based on the reply, the app checks the plugin APIs for more details, then asks ChatGPT again.
  5. We get another reply.
  6. We show this reply to the user or maybe send more questions to ChatGPT if needed.

If my understanding is correct, the main challenge is making the instructions in step #2 precise and clear, so ChatGPT knows how to instruct the app to query the plugin. Also, the data returned from the plugin can be as big as 100K characters, so it may not be possible to fit that in the follow-up query back to ChatGPT.

Thanks for sharing this awesome idea! it’s definitely worth exploring.

For step 2, set the temperature to 0.1 or 0.2 lower makes it more deterministic and better for specific orchestration. Use structured prompt templates that insert the various data or requirements. I used {{command}} to define the flow.

Here’s my specification for doing this.

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Hey! We are actively working on building the Plugin ecosystem. There’s still lots to figure out but hopefully we will get plugins in the API one day!


Hi @logankilpatrick ! Is there anywhere where we’re able to keep up to date on the progress towards building plugins into the API? I’m particularly keen on releasing some features in my app that are powered by that functionality. Thanks for all your work on this!



@logankilpatrick I really hope you can address this situation quickly. I was recently at a conference for AI developers, and a serious issue came up. Many developers feel like OpenAI is turning against them. They’re using your API, but now it feels like you’re becoming a competitor instead of a partner.

We’ve heard that ChatGPT, which was meant to be a preview for developers, is now being developed further and closed off to us. This is causing companies like, who rely on your technology, to lose ground and customers to ChatGPT. This doesn’t seem right, especially now that OpenAI is a for-profit company with significant backing from Microsoft.

This situation reminds me of when Amazon invited sellers to use its Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service. The sellers listed their products, and then Amazon used that data to find out what was selling well. They then sourced the same products at a lower cost and listed them as “Amazon’s Choice,” competing with the very partners they had invited to use their platform.

OpenAI, we need reassurance that you’re on our side, and that your focus is on supporting us, not just on developing ChatGPT. We need to feel like we’re part of an open and collaborative community. Right now, it feels like you’re taking the ball and going home.

If you’re planning to build a walled garden around ChatGPT, similar to the iOS app store, why should we stay? It’s becoming harder for us to compete, and it seems like you’re on track to become the only major player.

If certain features are not made available in the API, there’s a good chance that your developers will not be happy. We’re already feeling overlooked and unappreciated.

Personally, I’ve been working on a Software as a Service (SaaS) app, and I’m seriously considering using another model or API. We, as developers, have options. Right now, we’re not feeling valued or supported.

I won’t build my app on shaky ground. This feels like when Twitter asked developers to create apps using their API, only to close down the API after those developers helped Twitter grow.

I hope OpenAI will address these concerns. I, for one, will not stick around if you continue to compete with us rather than collaborating with us. There are plenty of other options out there.

So, OpenAI, are you going to be a partner and a leader, or are you going to see us as competitors?


I agree. It would be great to be updated. @logankilpatrick any updates on plugins API?

Am I the only one left who doesn’t have any plugins or GPT-4?
I support the idea. I’m like a theorist. Oh… The plugin will fall into my hands =)

Plugins should be available for all Plus members if you’re subscribed.

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We need Plugin access (Specially Advanced data Analysis) as an API
Trust me its the most requested feature from all the developers around the world.


Can we expect a release within the year end?