Creating ChatGPT Like Plugins for Your Own App Using Function Calls

Hi Everyone,

The recently introduced function call feature in the chat completions API is very exciting. As I started to explore it, I realized how this could result in a full plugin ecosystem for API powered apps, similar to ChatGPT Plus.

I played around and built a toy chat application and implemented a plugin framework in it. I also added some basic plugins like the web browsing plugin and Python code interpreter plugin.

I wrote a tutorial explaining how I did this. It shows how to build a simple chat application in Flask and then design a framework for plugins, ending with implementations of a web search plugin and a Python code interpreter plugin.

screen-capture (4)

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Welcome @er.abhinav.upadhyay to our community.

Croncrats for your excitement about this feature. Iā€™m also very amazed with this feature and doing a lot of testing.
Good success.