ChatGPT Keeps asking me to verify I'm human after every prompt

ChatGPT keeps asking me to verify I’m human by solving puzzles after every prompt. how can I fix this?


same issue bro ! anyone help kindly …its really annoying

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Same issue here - Is it because i have made a new account? Either way its extremely frustrating

I am having the same problem, and am not finding responsive answers. What if I asked my credit card company to withhold payment of my subscription until ChatGPT proved the money was going to humans?

I am experiencing the exact same issue. I think it’s because of those who have built bots that are trained to use to chatgpt, thus now the guardrail they’ve set up is affecting a portion of actual human users. the experience now is very dissatisfying, and it seems there is no response for this issue. I don’t where else to log a complaint about this.

I am having the same issue today. Has there been any insight into how to fix this?

Same thing here… and not just once… some of the games have been 4 times on a single prompt. It is making ChatGPT very difficult to use.


Same here. This is torture. Every message for the past few days has required a 5 step captcha. I am ready to cease my subscription!

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CAPTCHA puzzles are designed to verify that a human is sending requests and to prevent activity like web scraping, credential stuffing, and spam.

But if you are struggling to solve those, you can study here, this article it shows how you can solve those Arkose Puzzle. I feel like this will help you to gain knowledge and experience how to deal with those puzzle.

If you get very difficult puzzle that means your system possesses very very high threat.

Official Response From OpenAi is posted here.


Several other topics on this forum note that disabling the VPN will resolve the problem.

How OpenAI uses Captchas to verify humanity in ChatGPT


You may notice this when using ChatGPT on web, iOS, and Android.

Except it doesn’t. I am a human person and I have never had this issue until recently, and now it is nonstop asking me to complete 5 “tests” every single prompt! THis only started after I upgraded to the subscription. I’m ready to cancel if this does not stop.

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I see. I am not a plus subscriber, but if I log out and log in, it asks for an easy puzzle.

If I do not log out, it never asks for this puzzle. What browser do you use?

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Try resyncing your clock.

This was noted by chad63e in this post.

It it works please let us know so we can pass the idea along as working.


pausing my VPN - helped to eliminate puzzle solving for each prompt.
Chat GPT itself , when asked, suggested that such behavior can be caused by blocking cookies , asking too many prompts per time period, or and network that frequently changes the dynamic IP

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Thank you for the feedback.

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Updating. This is now an issues again asking for verification each prompt. I have to go through TWENTY puzzles to get my answer and ChatGPT seems to not want to do what I ask it. I’m not sure what to do. I do NOT use a VPN, so that wouldn’t help. Anything else anyone can suggest?

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Having the same issue as of today. Every single prompt requires a captcha verification with TWENTY images. Insane and unusable right now. No Adblock, VPN, etc.

This is an unusable experience. I understand to ask me once, but every time? Why should I be subject to this level of harassment? Would upgrade help?

I’m already subscribed to Plus and having the issue. Captcha, every single message. Unsure if an upgrade to teams would solve it.

I was using this last night with no issues and now I too am plagued by 20 sometimes very hard to decided images EACH and EVERYTIME I ask a question. WTF are we paying for here exactly?! It’s not worse enough we pay for a 40 messages limitation, now y’all pull this crap? Are you trying to see how fast you can lose every subscription? This OBVIOUSLY isn’t the first time, only I coulda felt with 5, but 20?! SERIOUSLY?! EVERYTIME?!