ChatGPT Keeps asking me to verify I'm human after every prompt

Did u fixed the issue? Because I can’t solve this issue …

I have it for the first time today. It asks me EVERY FREAKIN TIME I ask something. I have to verify myself as a human.

Do you know how they ask you to verify? FKING 20 PUZZLES.
I have to solve 20 puzzles everytime I wanna ask something.

Yes, my chrome is up to date and my date is set correctly.
I’m using a paid version.

If anybody considering getting a paid version, you might wanna rethink.

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I just began to experience this as well. It seems as though, they’re using it to minimize the user activity. It doesn’t take 20 attempts to verify bot activity.
Prior to this happening, I was very active with many prompts and this this verification began.

I’d like to carefully tell a potential solution. I’ve been trying various methods to solve these issues, but the only method I’ve found so far involves using the ChatGPT app on your phone. While I understand that using a laptop or PC would be significantly easier, I believe this might be a decent temporary solution in an emergency situation. I think… I am not gurantee that the phone app going to 100% work…

Thanks for the work around.
But it doesn’t really matter. I’m studying python and I have a lot to ask. I’m not gonna write all the codes on my phone.

It’s obvious OpenAI is trying to reduce user activity like dmckeithan said above. This is a shit show. Taking our subscription money and doing shit like this.

I can’t deal with 20 puzzles so I’m using Gemini right now. This better be fixed soon or I’ll unsub and charge back for sure. I’m so mad that I might TikTok this shit behavior. For fk sake it’s not like I’m using it for free.

If this isn’t fixed by tomorrow, I’m all done. I won’t pay to have my access limited by stupid games. The trust level for AI is already sketchy; leveraging the dependency of users against them to throttle use is a pathway to people canceling their subscriptions and using an alternative. Tick tock…time’s-a-wasting. Fix it.

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Same is happening to me! I’ve been a Pro user for a year and have never had this problem. Haven’t changed anything, no VPN, etc. and all of a sudden I’m getting a 20-question puzzle. It took me FOREVER to finally pass it, and then it asked it again just a prompt later. I tried clearing cache, using a different browser, different device, etc. and nothing is solving it. It’s very frustrating as it makes this service completely unusable.

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I tried using it on my phone and still get the 20-question puzzle. :disappointed:

They better put it down and fix it rather than having it up like this. We can’t use this crap.

Why does it ask my every time to " Verify that you are human"???
For god sake this is not even a free version I’m using.
I did update Chrome, my time is set correctly.
And the damn verifying thing is 20 QUESTIONS!!
For the love of god WTH is this???
I have to do 20 puzzles for 1 question???
god damn it

First post here. I am suddenly having the same issue as the rest of you. I have been a huge fan of ChatGPT and a subscriber for many months. This new functionality makes the tool useless and I certainly will not pay every month to be blocked from use!

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It looks like it’s working now. I had to solve 20 puzzles and kept failing. But now the CAPTCHA request is gone.

Am having the same problem for weeks intermittently. I really wish they would make it clear what I can’t do that I am doing :frowning:

I even had to solve the puzzle to leave this comment. If we are paying for access, and are logged into our accounts, OpenAI should be able to perform rate limiting just fine – not drive away customers through relentless bot check challenges on every single request – a thing that only makes sense to use for anonymous users. Just because we choose to use a VPN doesn’t mean OpenAI can’t check our authenticated requests tied to our paid user accounts to execute different logic. OpenAI is saying to their paying customers, “You can’t use a VPN, because we don’t want to or don’t think it is priority to put in the man hours to filter traffic on anything more complicated than IP address.” Users are significantly incentivized to stop paying for GPT-4, exclusively because of this. It completely breaks the usability of the app.

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Ever since they allowed access to ChatGPT without an account the captchas are persistent. Many are unsolvable if you’re using incognito mode or anti-tracking extensions or even a VPN.