ChatGPT isn't checking the answers

Good morning,
nice to be part of the community. Just pointing out my case.
I was looking for transparent hi-res logo of OpenAI and I asked to ChatGTP about.
Below the screenshots of the unsuccessful answer.

On my view there two critical points:

  1. ChatGPT is supposed to be an AI. An Intelligence validates the results before to propose them as solution. It is not happening.
    The developers should do a step ahead and ChapGPT should be also the “client” side… who is waiting the answer.
    It is the biggest difference than a normal search engine.

  2. ChatGPT proposed a wrong link and that link is part of unauthorized contents. That should be evaluted too, ChatGPT cannot dig into safety areas.

Hope it can be good to get a better and the best AI to date. :blush:

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Hi @sev7en

ChatGPT does not and cannot check the text it generates.

Furthermore, ChatGPT does not generate “answers” at all.

You should Google and research how generative AIs work, and in particular GPTs and their many limitations.

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Hi @sev7en

Welcome to the community.

Can you share any reference where this objective is mentioned?

It does not have access to internet.

Also currently English language is the only strongest front for ChatGPT although it does “support” other languages, it’s tokenizer is still based on English.

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