Can I access Internet Specially github with gpt-4 api?

Can open api gpt-4 can access the internet?

I am working in a project where I want to check GitHub repository/or any link to check if any mistakes in the GitHub repository. Is it possible to check or access GitHub using gpt-4 Api?
If not possible then when can we access the feature or will it ever launch?
Kindly Reply me.


Hello and welcome to AI community!

Currently GitHub repositories are inaccessible to GPT-4 directly, but you can use it to analyse text-based content from GitHub by giving it the appropriate content. The textual data in question can be READMEs, code comments, or something else. Once the text has been extracted, you can utilise GPT-4 to review it for errors, produce summaries, or provide answers to any queries you may have about it.

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Hi there,

My guess would be that the API will never have access to GitHub. This mainly because GitHub (Microsoft) has there $20 a month CoPilot that already has full access. I doubt they would want a lot of other coders making their own cheaper versions.

Just my guess though, take it for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

An API AI model will have whatever access you grant it.

Function calling allows you to extend API AI’s capabilities. You could certainly make a github explorer and crawler set of functions for AI to use that can list trees and retrieve their code.

The actual amount of data and AI comprehension of its position and use of external classes or functions might be a challenge though. Prompt with the code to be analyzed to see if the desired outcome is even possible.

Hey J,

I think you misunderstood what I was saying. Sure, it’s possible right now if one were to write the code to access GitHub.

What I was getting at was why would they (GitHub) let one do that when they have a tool they are selling that does the same thing? They would be cutting off a profit center.


Please let me know if there is any solution to access github or internet with gpt-4

As others have said, Github co pilot is the native option

As for extending the model with the internet, you could build a plugin OpenAI Platform or write a script OpenAI Platform

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Github copilot only checks for own editors code and work according to the prompt
But I want to check my trainee workers github repostitory and judge them.
for that i need Github account or access internet.

Note: I do know about the github api by which i can access repo but i need something native so gpt can access net using api.

did you ever solve this, I’d love to find a way to have up-to-date info on code completions and support for the next.js repo (and or the latest version). I can sometimes get GPT4 to do it, but it’s hit or miss.

I can’t seem to find anything anywhere that will actually help with Next.jS 14 with GitHub Copilot (or any other interface). A few come close but still send me down rabbit holes.