ChatGPT for Android doesn't seem to be loading conversation history

I’m running ChatGPT 1.2023.341 on Android 14, updated as of December 5, 2023. The app doesn’t load conversation history, when I open the sidebar. I get a toast notification informing me, “An error has occurred. Please try again later.”

I’ve tried rebooting my phone, signing out and signing back in, turning chat history and training off and on again in the settings, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing seems to work. After every attempt to fix it, I get the same error as above: “An error has occurred. Please try again later.”

Chat history does work in the desktop version of ChatGPT. It’s just broken on Android.

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I got the same error running ChatGPT 1.2023.341 but on Android 13

Same here. Having the same issue for two weeks already

Doing some more investigation, I discovered that, if the user hits “Clear Chat History” in the Android app, it deletes all previous chats, and new chats sync correctly.

However, burning months of chat history (as I accidentally did) in order to have proper syncing of future chats isn’t a viable solution.

Getting the same issue, noticed after creating some gpts they didn’t show up. Tried logging out and back in, restarting phone. Works find on my laptop browser

I can report having the same issue as OP.
Also on Android 14 and same version of the app

Same issue. OnePlus 10, Android 13, ChatGPT 1.2023.341

Cleared local data/cleared cache and it didn’t help, although made all of my recent chats disappear on mobile. Uninstalled/reinstalled and some of my recent chats re-appeared, but seem to’ve only been sync’d a few days ago (renamed ones show the old names, ones that were deleted have reappeared).

Chat History on the website is working fine.

Same issue here. Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra, Android 13, Chatgpt Ver 1.2023.341
It works fine on Web & iPad OS though.

I am also facing the same issue. Can not see Conversation History on my Android device.

Same here with a samsung a52. Merry Xmas yall.

Same! Whats the fix? This has been driving me nuts for weeks.

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Same here - nothing really helps; it sychs perfectly between IPad and PC Chrome and also the chrome browser on my Pixel, but the Andorid app only reports a unspecific error and does not load any previous conversations.

Same here. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 on Android 12 and Samsung Galaxy S20+ on Android 13. I have done everything except delete chat history. I won’t be doing that considering this is an issue to be fixed. I have had the issue for over a month. Website works fine even on mobile. So, it is definitely app syncing and only in one direction. When I create new conversations in the app they show up on the website, but they do not delete.

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I have the same issue and cannot load old conversations. From what I have read deleting the chat history could be a way forward.

If I can bring myself to delete all 1000+ conversations now, I will not forget to request a data export first where the old conversations are stored for future reference.

Same problem on Moto Edge 2021 and Galaxy Tab A7. I want to preserve my history.

Same issue for more than 3 weeks. Samsung s21 ultra and galaxy 7 tab. Neither seem to pick up / update any chat started on the browser. Also, if I start a chat on my tablet, it doesn’t show up on my phone app (and vice versa). Really hoping someone finds a solution (besides wiping chat history).

Mine updated to 1.2023.352 and the issue was fixed.

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