Chatgpt find discussion date

Hello is it possible by any means to retrieve the dates of the creation of a specific chat thank you in advance, I would need a quick answer

I tried many times. In the chat, I think it is not possible and GPT-3 doesn’t track the conversation timing

You can go into your browser’s developer console. Select the network tab, focus on XHR and refresh the page.

You’ll see a request to a conversations endpoint and inside will have an object containing all your titles, their respective ID, and creation date as such:

{“items”:[{“id”:“XXXcd9-80cXXXXXXXbecXXX”,“title”:“Example title”,“create_time”:“2023-02XXXX7:27:48.XXX”}

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I got it. Thanks. I’ve been looking for some time.

Below is a step-by-step guide for noobies like myself:

  1. Focused in ChatGPT tab: browser Settings >> Developer tools;
  2. Select | Network | tab in top bar;
  3. Select | Fetch/XHR | tab in the Filter bar (usually the third bar from the top);
  4. Reload the ChatGPT tab in the browser;
  5. In the DevTools window, [ Name ] box, select “conversations?offset…”;
  6. At the box on the right, select | Response | tab;
  7. In the first line, we can see:

"{“items”:[{“id”: “hex-id-of-the-conversation#1”, “title”: “Conversation#1_Title”, “create_time”: “yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.123456”}, …,

{“id”: “hex-id-of-the-conversation#N”, “title”: “Conversation#N_Title”, “create_time”: “yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.123456”}],

“total”: N, “limit”: NN, “offset”:n}

Note: for the sake of readability, the spaces, and line feeds are mine.

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