Date & time awareness for a GPT-4 based coach

Hi everyone,

I’m building a coach with GPT-4 and I have been struggling with making it aware of the date & time of previous messages to avoid irrelevant greetings and replies that refer to the wrong time of day

(ie. the coach thinks it’s the next day, but it’s just a few hours later than the previous message).

For example:

Oct 6th, 13:10 – User: Sure

Oct 6th, 13:10 – Coach: Great Joe! I’ll create a guide to help you wind down.

The coach gets an event 5-min that triggers a check-in reply starting with:

Oct 6th, 13:15 – Coach: Good morning, Joe!

Including the timestamp in the content field of the messages just creates date/time hallucinations. I was wondering if anyone found a clever way of inserting system messages with date & time for context (maybe between sessions?).


Hi! And welcome to the community.

Will this help?

You are basically creating your own timeline which seems to be helpful and solve it.

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