ChatGPT File Usage unclear

Hello all,

I have a non-technical client who was misled by GPT-4o into uploading more files than it could handle. (“Misled” because GPT-4o repeatedly affirmed that it could handle his planned upload when he asked, and explained how it would do so; at one point, it even suggested that it had “deleted” the previously-failed file upload attempts–which it is incapable of doing–and then encouraged him to try again.)

All told, the client made several attempts to upload a 2GB+ dataset (a single text-file that I helped him split into multiple segments, with each file segment no larger than 15MB). Eventually, every single attempt to upload a file failed, regardless of size. Now the client can no longer upload files to their personal account, and I cannot find any information on how he can see or manage his storage capacity/usage.

The official documentation only states that file history is kept “for a duration that varies with your plan,” but offers no elaboration.

Please advise.

This is on behalf of a client who is NOT using the API, even though I personally do.

Not sure the best place to ask this: I haven’t found any “identical” requests, although there are many similar user complaints (generally relating to creating custom GPTs) and no clear solutions.