Confused about the Custom GPTs pricing

I am very confused that if I create a custom GPT (obviously while I have chatgpt plus account) will I be charged for using that custom GPT if so how will I calculate the pricing for it without knowing which exact model it uses. Kindly let me know if anyone knows anything about it. Thank you.

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ChatGPT Plus (the only place to get a Custom GPT) is a flat $20/month, but there’s a limit of how many messages you can do every X hours. This varies depending on the load on the network and other factors likely, but in general if you use it daily, you end up with a lot of value for your money.

Thank you. One more question please, how much data I can upload to my custom GPT (for training purpose), I’ve a few gigabytes of data is it possible that I can add all those files?

The OpenAI Discord bot game me this (which points here…)

Based on the information provided in the extracts, there are certain limitations when it comes to uploading data for custom GPTs.

According to a user’s experimentation shared on the OpenAI community forum, in Create mode, it will tell you that 25mb is the ideal cap to avoid errors, but you can upload up to 50mb. The character limit for a single document (.txt) is less than 1.5 million characters.

However, it’s important to note that these findings are based on user experimentation and may not be official guidelines from OpenAI. For large datasets, it’s recommended to test and verify the limits. Please refer to the source (GPTs knowledge capacity limits) for more details.

I further queried…

Sure there’s nothing in docs about maximum uploads for Custom GPT knowledge files?

And its reply…

According to the information extracted from OpenAI’s help articles, you can upload up to 20 files to a custom GPT. However, the extracts do not provide specific information about the maximum size or character limit for these files. Here is the relevant extract from the help article:

# Help Article > En > Articles > FAQ:
Q: How many files can I upload to a GPT?
A: We allow up to 20 files to be uploaded to a custom GPT.

Please refer to the source ( for more details.

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