ChatGPT Desktop App Login Error

I download and trying to sign in with Google
(macbook air m1 with latest updates, Sonomo 14.5)
I tried everything, change my browser, delete the caches, use cellular and my wifi, i don’t use vpn, my date and time is automatic and everything works fine except the chatgpt macos app


same issue, please roll out fix


8 days past and still waiting to clarification or fix…

Did anyone found a solution for this issue?

mate, thats not the first entry about this issue in the forum, its 1 months already without a statement.

nope, and the support is probably a general external one and gives some basic anwsers like “delete cache” or “delete certificate profiles” it has clearly a pattern.

The think is the login-window opens as a private-browsing window, which is stupid, if it would open it in a normal one and you where already logged in, it would just copy the cookie, or key or however the login session is saved into the browser and you would be logged in.


I started having the same issue.

lol I am with this problem too I tried to contact support for two weeks and it I received this answer