ChatGPT Desktop App for Intel Macbooks

Could the desktop app be backported to Intel macbooks? maybe releasing a fat binary for it? I don’t wanna buy a new aarch64 macbook yet…


it seems that the binary is only for aarch64

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 10.13.10

Could it please also be built for amd64?

Ditto! After reading many articles about the great new first-party ChatGPT app for Mac, and getting extremely excited about it, I then downloaded the app, only to be very surprised, and highly disappointed ,that it supports only Apple Silicon Macs. :cold_sweat:

There are hundreds of millions of Intel Macs being used around the world, many millions of which are ChatGPT paying customers and free users, and OpenAI should not abandon all of them. Especially as it is relatively easy to make a Mac app that works on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

In the meantime, MacGPT is a great Mac app that runs on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. :smiley: Although, from what I have read in many articles, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Mac app is going to have many more features.


My question is why did they decide to only support Apple silicon out of the gate and not the intel Intel-based Macs. What I’m thinking is when they get the Windows version out it’ll support intel based or they’ll support it in between the release of the Windows version and now, but I could be wrong.

As an early adopter and supporter, it would be great to see the app made available to the large existing user base on Intel Macs as well. Many of us have relatively new, capable Intel machines that we plan to continue using for some time.

I respectfully request that OpenAI consider compiling the app for Intel Macs in a future update if possible, even if some advanced features require Apple Silicon. This would make the app accessible to more users and customers.

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