ChatGPT continues to refuse to help: While I can’t browse the internet or access external links directly in real-time


This is so awesome I am so happy I will be using that all the time (Unless they fixed the AI Agent)

Often it was pretending it navigated (but now they removed the indicator recently) I asked him to help me today on my code base then I uploaded the exact code to my repo and asked him to browse I god mixed results but at least he finally sait that the code was correct (which in this case was good enough for me to be happy that he did look into it)

Today my experience is like such:

ChatGPT Refusing to Browse was common in the late 2023 early 2024 Making him the Laziest AI Agent in the world is ChatGPT: Seen here saying « I'm unable to directly access external URLs, including GitHub repositories, so I can't review the specific code at the link you've provided. »

Clever tactics must be used to ensure that the lazy ChatGPT is ok with acomplising tasks: Here browsing a GitHub repo using the raw format of links

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