ChatGPT and zip files bug, and my time with the amazing ChatGPT

Hi OpenAI,

Hi i am a self taught IT dude. i understand some code but not much.

I have in the last four days 12 hours a day. played around with chatGPT
i wanted make wordpress plugin for my website. the plugin is a color scheme carousel, where you can insert a shortcode to any webpage.
with 21 hexagon inside a pages in the hexagons carousel. and some more featues, and a sidepanel for setting adjustments.

chatgpt has made the plugin admin site, and the carousel and the sidepanel. looks good so far.

many times ChatGTP cannot make a zip of the code it has posted.
when i first tried to tell ChatGPT to zip our code and make the right folder and file structure, then it did it very well. but suddenly, i became worst, and now it cannot make the zip files anymore, i can see that its trying i think, because it says Analyzing.
it also says “Interpreter session timed out”

but then it stops, and then ChatGPT just posts the code in the prompt.

but i am so blown away by ChatGPT. i could send it pictures and video of how our worked look , and ChatGPT could see the errors and mention them.

this helped so much in debugging and made explaining so much more easy.

and i could also take a screenshot of what we have in our plugin. edit some changes in a photo editor, and then show chatGTP what wanted to make, and ChatGPT makes the thing, OMG

Kind regards Maxi