ChatGPT accounts are not working on my PC

This is the only message that keeps showing up: ‘Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at’

The same accounts are working on my other devices, but not on my PC. I have tried everything by now, from restarting the router, to refreshing and cleaning out cookies and cache, all history in fact, restarting my PC but nothing has worked. It’s not working on any of the browsers on my PC. What could it be?

I am having the same problem, mine it not working as well

exact same thing for me. it’s curious that so many people to be having issues, yet the official status page claims that chatgpt is up right now.

I know. It’s really frustrating. Btw, try Firefox. It just started working for me on Firefox.

On one of my PCs, it’s not working on Chrome, but on the other PC, it is working on Chrome. So where it isn’t working on Chrome, I tried Firefox and now it works there. Let me know if it works for you too.

just downloaded firefox and it seems to be working fine. still down on chrome. thanks for the suggestion.

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try Firefox. It just started working for me on Firefox.

I’ve cleared all cache and cookies on FireFox, Chrome and Safari to no avail. They let me change the password. But nothing.

Yeah, looks like it’s failing to establish new sessions. Seems like that server is too busy??
It works fine on my phone & usual laptop, but it’s failing to pull my data in on a new device.


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By the way I’m on an iPad. Which has been the only device I’ve used. So, I gave it a shot on my iPhone not working either. I tend to use a VPN but have set that on and off to no avail.

installed firefox, thanks to you guys…but more problems come to the fore. when i logged into same gpt account as in my previous chrome browser…seems doesnt even work…
(UPDATE: its been 3 hrs now)

its weird that same account on mac works!!! but not on windows…why??? i have my entire work data on my windows laptop and i dont even know how to operate mac flexibly …wish it gets fixed soon on windows

yes something went wrong i gues with the update. Please create an ticket. Looks like the don´t see it that a view people with freedom and paid version have problems.

If you search in the forum you can find.

can someone try out if works like that:

dude, your solution is weird and one thats easy to invalidate…please tell us exactly what u mean by click around and bla bka bla

Dude a bit more nice would be great frist of all :triumph: !!! I am not your personal support otherwise wait until openai solve it. If you are so clever, find your own solution. I just share how I solve it and I can work like normal now what about you?

At the other chat I explain it more detail. By the way yes i just clicking around blablabla…

I tried your solution in Chome. Doesn’t work. Has anyone else in this thread tried it and it worked for them?

Thanks, c-server! i had to add the step of resetting my wireless router to get it to work.

I just tried your solution. Didn’t work. Its been two days now. I am so irritated


They are lying on the status, there’s many people reporting problems on down detecting sites.
I can’t even log in. They might be in the process of moving to paid users only now OpenAI is big and popular.

You can use ChatSonic in the mean time, - writesonic . com/chat
It is an exact same copy of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, only with limits on free version.
It’s better if I’m honest, as it can connect to google and get up to date information on current events.