Chatgpt 4o plus caps...time to get an answer!

I just purchased chatgpt 4o plus for $20/month. On your website, you clearly said the messages were ‘unlimited’. I even have a photo of this. Now when I use 4o plus it says I have reached a message cap. At this stage, I will cancel my subscription at the end of the month of use. If the cap is removed, I will continue. 80 messages is not enough to learn a language with 4o, which is what I intend to utilise this AI for. My question is, will this cap be removed for paid users?

Just for my better understanding, can you share the screenshot where it says that there are unlimited messages when using Plus?

I am only aware of the 80 messages per three hours limitation.

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I am convinced this is a reference to the unlimited messages that are part of the Enterprise package and not the Plus offering.
Unlisting this topic until OP shares additional screenshots.

Sure, attached is the screenshot from down lower on the page
It says ‘unlimited’ on the table beside messages and interactions, under plus.

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I see it now.
Free users get unlimited GPT 3.5 messages.

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. At least I understand where the confusion is coming from.

Yes, in my opinion, Gemini is a bitter example of what AI is able to do at this time. For example, in the last couple of days I’ve been using gpt 4o to do anything from tutor in Korean or to generate images and videos. It was pretty good at tutoring me in Korean- that was speaking. But the limit just meant that I wasn’t able to really practice my speaking. Image creation was horrible. For example, I asked it to create an image of my ragdoll cat on a surfboard, but it couldn’t get the coloured nose on my ragdoll, right? And it kept putting fins in odd places like on top of the surfboard and it kept getting text all wrong. Sorry, things need to improve in the next month with gpt, or i’m just going to cancel my subscription. At the time of writing this, I believe that Open AI has misled people into purchasing a subscription based on technology that may be available in six months.

This doesn’t make sense at all.
At first the complaint is that the free version of ChatGPT doesn’t provide unlimited access to the flagship models.
Now it’s about the roll-out of new capabilities, which is spelled out in the announcement.

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