ChatGPT 4 Plus Long Term Memory

Hiya friends and neighbors,

This is such a cool forum. What a awesome thing to be working on. I’ve been working with ChatGPT 4 Plus with the various plugin enhancements.

I think the contextual limitations on conversations with ChatGPT 4 are a serious limitation. First, they aren’t clearly documented. I understand that Chat doesn’t understand context between one conversation and another—which is fair enough—but I didn’t understand that it’s contextual understanding was limited to a couple chats surrounding the current topic. My impression was that Chat understood context for an entire conversation. Definitely not the case.

My first recommendation is that ChatGPT4 Plus’ standard response explain that context is limited to the immediate conversation. Not only does it not retain information between different conversations, but it also looses context after a certain amount of time within the same conversation. I wouldn’t want to be making decisions in a week based on a conversation I picked up and expected it, Chat, to understand the old thread; but wow, how I understand it now, that’s a shot in the dark at best. Yikes! I think it should be clearly documented for all the noobs, such as myself, blindly using this thing.

I’m glad I’ve figured this out, but now I am super bummed. Even in my first week of using this wonderful tool, I’ve had some dope conversations that have helped every part of my profession. It’s dope sauce. (Thank you very much.) But now that I realize this contextual limitation, it means long conversations I was planning on engaging on over the next months and years are functionally useless at the moment.

So, I’d really like to see a feature that simulates long-term memory for ChatGPT Plus users.

I took a look at the documentation and got a sense of how problematic this type of request is. It should be a paid feature and quite frankly, I would pay a higher price point to have a limited number of conversations with an infinite memory or context.

Meanwhile, it’s looking like I could simulate long-term memory by working with the API, or perhaps something clever with reading PDFs? I can see neat work-arounds for working with live websites and what not—but I am eager for a solution that doesn’t require leaving the ChatGPT App.

If y’all are working on a plugin that could simulate long-term memory for a given chat, I am all ears. I think that would have incredible value for the business community.

Thanks for your attention.