Feature request for chat long term memory and plugin for internet searches

To OpenAI Team,

I would like to request that Chatgpt can remember conversations (long term memory). The implications of this are huge since GPT could actually learn over time with conversation from the end user.

I would also like a plugin that would search the internet or a specific site (like a vector database) for information not currently found in the LLM.

I just had a long conversation with GPT-4 last night and it kept referencing data security for why it couldn’t do this. I suggested that I could provide the memory on my device(s) and then its security would be my problem. It seemed to agree. Why can’t its overlords understand that a continuing relationship (for lack of a better word) would enhance the usefulness of their program A LOT! How about it? There are plugins for internet access so that doesn’t bother me so much, but when you are going along and have a very good conversation going, when it reaches the end of its allowed memory and “taps out” to use a wrestling term, and you get a completely different personality, it is very frustrating.

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