ChatGPT 4 has suddenly become extremely slow in the past 16 hours

Why so slow???

It’s suddenly moving at 1/4 speed of usual and now is very difficult to work with. The status page shows no problems though.

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Same issue here, did you manage to find any info as to why this is happening?


Same issue… It’s getting worse and worse, I don’t feel like I need to pay extra, cause I don’t feel like it’s worse the time to compile it’s answer…

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i have the same problem… I think I will stop paying for the account because it doesn’t make sense now with this speed. I think that is something with new options like browsing and plugins

I have the same issue since MONTHS. I am a paying PRO customer and the website response time is just HORRIBLE (reminding me of modem connection times in the first internet times!) I need to ask a question from time to time (for coding help), but when I visit chat dot openai dot com the website many times does not even respond, and when I write something into the chat it does not RECOGNIZE MY LETTER TYPING. Horrible UX! The WORST I have experienced in 10 years. I get it that you are popular with 170m users and counting, but charging money for this UX is just unbelievable! FIX IT or I leave!

This “performance” makes me HATE chatGPT, not like it!