ChatGPT responds very slowly

Is anyone else in Europe experiencing a slow down in the past 3 days? I have to constantly refresh the url in a chrome browser under macOS. Sometimes I have to hit regenerate multiple times using GPT 4. I am a paying customer.

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Same here in Ontario, Canada. For the last 18 hours I can’t get GPT 4 to respond, even to a Simple good morning on an existing thread.

greetings, I get a response after a wait of 3 to 5 minutes and refreshing the browser, it’s still faster than the old ways but it is not what I was used to when I decided to pay for GPT 4…

Even though the service status of ChatGPT is normal, there may be differences in service delivery speed or issues depending on the region.

It seems to be a fact that OpenAI handles issues that affect all users differently from those that have different impacts depending on the region.

From the messages I’ve seen, it seems like some users living in Europe are struggling with a slowdown in speed.

This could potentially be an issue related to edge locations, but I believe it’s not something that continues indefinitely and is a one-time thing.

I too occasionally encounter such symptoms and get frustrated, but from what I’ve seen, it seems highly likely that it’s related to edge locations in Europe.

I apologize for not being able to provide a direct solution, but I hope this can serve as some sort of reference.

But, I hope the issue gets resolved as soon as possible for everyone affected!

I’ve noticed the same thing in the USA since I started using it more frequently again in the last week or so its performance (speed wise) has definitely degraded since last year.

It seems to be fixed here in France now. The speed is definitely slower. Maybe it is time to review network architecture. You’re pushing text… DALLE has to be on a separate network. You should be decentralizing now with your success by opening continental hubs…

I was too optimistic, again, today Tuesday 2 Feb, same symptoms of slow response and erratic prompt refresh…

Today responses are extra slow. Is there any maintenance today?