Slow reponses on chatgpt4


Is anyone getting slow responses? and to be able to see the answer you need to reopen chatgpt again? Is it just me? I’m using the paid version, I changed the network several times but it is slowwwwwww, im using chrom i dont think this is related, can anyone help plz

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I also get this issue, its an issue on the OpenAI side. I highly doubt they will do anything about it since they are working on other stuff


Same issue for me ! Chat GPT is almost unusable… So i pay for nothing and i hope that OpenAI is gonna do something quickly !

Same here, it is very bad. Slow responses, conversation freezing, need to close and reopen chat. It happens in every chat with longer conversations. Using Data Analyst.

I find if refresh my browser its already done. I’m thinking it’s my computers resources ?
I’ve also stopped it and prompted it to continue in which I end up with two versions when it’s finally complete.
I’m also finding it’s a query behind repeats itself.

Beyond that it’s “Bad Ass” Go Open AI