ChatGPT 4 and 4o becoming free

Hello, I’m curious about something.
So I’ve heard OpenAI is planning to make ChatGPT 4 and 4o free for everyone. If that’s true, then what would be the benefits of ChatGPT plus and why will it be worth subscribing to? Thank you!


Yeah if its free for everyone then why pay the monthly premium chatgpt plus fee? I’ll have to unsubscribe for this month and use the free 4o version. I can’t pay for what others get to use for free. That makes zero sense from a financial standpoint.


Paid users will always have access to the newest features first, along with an increased message count limit. Additionally, some features, such as the advanced voice mode, could potentially be withheld from free users or limited in some capacity. Please keep an eye out for announcements for the latest updates.


hi, may i ask where i could get free version of 4o

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Agreed. I think those who are satisfied with 4o which is a great product might just cancel their membership and use that. Especially, if you don’t use it so frequently, it’s going to all depend on rate limits. Of course, people who use it for more complex tasks like coding, extensive research, and data analysis will require more rate limits. The average person using 4o today might not need a subscription in the future which I think is their overall goal of reaching more people I think. I’m pretty sure they’ll be exploring advertisement solutions in the future though, because nothing stays free forever, certainly not an LLM that cost more than a mil to run daily.

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It’s being slowly rolled out to everyone. If you still don’t see it, then wait a few more days and it should be available in the app.

Is there a specific date where they will officially launch ChatGPT 4o for free to use? Or is it still undefined?

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What’s the exact date GPT’s will be available publicly?

It’s being rolled out to the public and should be available for free by now, if not then update your app and it should be there. If you still can’t find it, it may have not rolled out to you yet. If you really want to use it then try using a VPN and it may give you access.

If you’re talking about gpt 4o then it’s being slowly rolled out to all users. Always update the app and check if it’s available to you, if you still can’t see it, then you can either wait or use a VPN as it may give you access.

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Sorry, I meant when could users who don’t pay for an account be able to access a GPT I’ve created?

Chatgpt can help you coding small project, like website something like that, but on big project chatgpt will destroyed your code and cant remember nothing what you give him or asking him, so ai is useless to use when you code something big, and 2022 and 2023 data is useless to, is many update on code language 2024, to complited code without chatgpt backdoor, chatgpt need be 2024 knowledge, other ways chatgpt you can use only on simple request or simple coding, like making website style(useless this to)

Chatgpt can make basic code but xomplited you need spend more time with chatgpt to 100% getting working code :joy::rofl:so i can tell to 100% trusted chatgpt need wait 30+ years other ways chatgpt will be useless on coding​:joy:and cant destroyed programmer/developer jobs anyway :joy::rofl:

(one moment i try use team options what openai provide, and that is mutch worst then free versions, but basic saying new models or old models all AI is the same :joy::rofl:

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paid it works 50% of the time

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Yes ! It’s free but it’s not working all the tools for everyone in free version. To use all the future like pdf and YouTube summarised, text to image and much more future, fast response in all languages. Therefore the plus version is required. Thankyou.

Hello, I just have to say that this post was written on 15th May and today is 28th June. How much more long do we have to wait for ChatGPR 4 and 4o?

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where can I know what chatgpt 4o+ exactly offers what 4o doesnt?