Chatbot with OpenAI API and WhatsApp

Has anyone ever successfully built a chatbot that operates with the OpenAI API and Whatsapp?

How complex is it to obtain the API for Whatsapp, especially for a super small community?

Obtain Whatsapp API is easy just create à whatsapp business account and create an app
Search for this video 2022 WhatsApp Cloud API getting started - setup the cloud API | Step by Step

Is there a way without whatsapp cloud API?

It seems painful to get the API if you dont have business.

Hello! To use the OPENAI API without much effort, you can try installing this application called WhatsAuto - Reply (, but it’s only for Android OS. Activate the options requested by the application and you will be able to easily configure it to respond to incoming WhatsApp messages using artificial intelligence. Regards

You could use Twilio. There is a cost associated with this service, but it may be a good solution.

I have found github progect called whatsapp-chatgpt askrella/whatsapp-chatgpt
But the docker not work for me :face_vomiting: