Chatbot is down since early morning

I am a paying user and cannot access the chatGPT plus since early morning, could only briefly ( 3 minutes) enter through Vivaldi browser ,4 hours ago, google chrome and opera dont even open the login page
the assistance service does not even reply my questions

Is this the service you give a paying user,? on reddit everybody is commenting this outage

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You know, when I was very young I had to take the bus to get to places.

I would always get so frustrated when the bus wasn’t on time, I’d actually be stressed. Calling to see where it is. After some time I realized that being stressed and complaining won’t make the bus come any faster. The bus gets delayed, it happens. Most of the time it would be caused by something out of their control.

Relax, there’s already a bunch of this topics opened. Stop spamming and trying to invoke problems.
If it’s a serious issue, you can use the Playground which is currently operational.

These threads are completely drowning decent conversations.
It’s a beautiful irony, really. People are upset that the servers are overloaded, so they come to spam and overload the forums.


I am having the same issue and unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to access someone to verify if an account has been deleted or what exactly is going on. I too would love some insight into potential next steps for resolution…

You can keep an eye on the status of the outage here:

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Sure. Next time you pay for an Uber and wait a day or two for your trip to start.

Should be resolved! Sorry for the delay. The team is working hard anytime something like this happens.