Chat Labs AI - Create Your Assistant (iPhone, iPad)


  1. New “Create Your Assistant” feature is live. Allowing you to design a personalized AI Assistant tailored to your needs. Choose from various models or provide specific prompts.
  • Experience “Effortless AI-Generated Instructions”. Simply provide a starting point and watch as coherent and informative instructions are created for your custom assistant.

Hello everyone.

Jupyter notebooks are pretty awesome for full stack AI work, right? Well, Chat Labs is about giving a boost to the chatbot side of things. I’ve got 3.5, 4.0 kernels and customizable system prompts working on iPhone and iPad.

  • “Hey Siri, AI Assistant”
  • Lock Screen, Home Screen widgets
  • Markdown support, syntax highlighting
  • Jupyter like notebooks for organizing chatbot work

Heads up, more stuff is coming very soon, like adjustable truncation rules, Whisper and Dall-E support, and mic and camera integration. On the roadmap - publishable notebooks.

Want to give it a try? App Store link - ‎Chat Labs AI Assistant on the App Store