App to Use and Create GPT-3 Models on iPhone

Hi Guys,

I am happy to announce, that me and my team will be a starting rolling out our new fresh baby, which is finally enabling you to fiddle with GPT-3 without all the inconveniences of Playground.

With WOSK, you can quickly create and then swiftly use and GPT-3 model you would like.

We have created a custom prompt creator, that will speed up the process of creating new cool ideas.

You’ll have full access to chat history, which you can incorporate into your prompt, so your model can be fed examples of satisfying responses in no time.

There’s no one place, where you will need to clear any text.

Main focus for creating this app, was to allow every hungry prompt designer, to have handy personal toolbox of working models at his disposal at any time.

Some people would say, that those few clicks don’t make a difference, but we all know they do.

Please visit: WOSK.TECH to take a look at details of the project and we will be extremely happy if you sing-up for the remainder, that will tell you when we’re live.


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I am a PhD Researcher working on gpt3. I would like to contact you. Or else please feel free to contact em at :