Chat-GPT4 not working again?

Hi, I just paid for Chat-GPT4, got a day of usage, but since then I’ve been 2 days where when I enter a prompt I just get no reply. Chat-GPT3.5 works fine though. Is there something I need to do?

I have the same problem. Yesterday it came back after a few hours, but today I can’t use GPT 4 (again).

@Valestini yesterday I noticed that whilst I couldn’t use GPT-4 when starting it up from one browser, I could use GTP-4 when starting it up from another browser. I’m not a Chrome user, but from Chrome it started up fine after I reported this issue. But really the issue still remains as it should work from all browsers any time once its being paid for.

I use Chrome and it doesn’t work either (only GPT-4). I guess it can happen no matter the browser we use.

My model 4 isnt working as well since 3 days… 3.5 is fine…any solutions?