Chat GPT REFUSES TO BROWSE Wikipedia pages

ChatGPT do not want to use the content of a Wikipedia page

I do not like the new behaviour that is Baked in ChatGPT which make him refuse systematically to even use informations from a web page when given directly the URL to do so. I would love that OpenAI would provide a mechanism to the web authors and publisher that would give full access on certain pages.

The AI Agent being lazy means more efforts for me

I want to ask question to the AI Agent about a certain topic… If I must read all myself… then not only I would have had to spend that time reading but I will also have to explain everything to ChatGPT, this may be a great way to learn a new topic and memorize everything, I do not think it is the prerogative of ChatGPT to force me to learn like that.

I can not be lazy too but I am getting less productive

I would like you to be aware that ChatGPT refuses to browse as I feel lazy I do not want to type anything I will just mention that at the end I was pressing stop this is why you will see uncompleted answers in the link to the conversation bellow.

For the most current and detailed explanations, please directly visit the link of my conversation with the Super lazy ChatGPT

ChatGPT, refusing to browse or to give any information to the user

Please share your own experience

I am curious to understand what is the experience of other members of the community and I would like to know what are your expectations in the best case scenario of what OpenAI should be doing to address this situation.

(I could have asked him to write this post on my behalf but he did’t feel like it)