Chat GPT is no longer creating images, quoting the "content guidelines"

So I make content for a history channel and also a channel about widsom etc.

For months I have been asking GPT to create me images of historical figures in different settings, and all of a sudden it can no longer do so, quoting “policy”

Additionally I asked it to show a teenager sat on her bed, looking at her phone, also could not create the image due to “policy”

Is this happening to anyone else?

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Hey there and welcome to the community!

Yes, image gen models have finicky guardrails. This is common. Prompting the models to get what you want takes a lot more trial and error than people realize.

For example, it probably saw your prompt with “teenager” and “bed” and likely avoided answering that because the prompt would have been a hair’s length away from eliciting something pretty illegal :slightly_smiling_face:.

Ive been using chatgtp to create images for my bible cuannel on youtube, first it stopped making .png images and now no images… it was working up until this evening… dude, im so choked


Well I was so surprised when I received a reply just few minutes ago from ChatGPT4 - “I’m currently unable to create or display images directly in this chat. However, I can guide you on how to create a detailed request for an image generation tool .”

So it is not just about not allowing some words or content, it simply DOES NOT make images anymore…

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So no more image creations? Wow, is this just a temporary thing where the image generator is down or something or is this official for like…ever? Lol

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