Chat GPT Desktop App for Mac

I’m subscribed through their website directly & have access

Can someone please share the Intel Mac download link? I cannot find it on the forums. I think ChatGPT is feeding me the M-chip link which is why it isnt compatible with my Mac. I also cannot recreate the pop-up download box, so maybe there is an intel link option there that I missed? Thanks!

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Is there an Intel-based Mac download link? Or is it only available for M-chip Macs?


For new users, here is the link to download it: It is being rolled out to ChatGPT+ and free users over the next couple of weeks. ChatGPT Plus users have priority for getting access, so please be patient. If you do not have access, you cannot use the app.

It is only available for M series Macs, not Intel. There is no other official download.

10 Likes is an OpenAI domain. If you look at DevTools while loading you’ll see it pop up a number of times as various JavaScript assets are loaded from it.

The link provided by @grandell1234 is the official download link.


Providing the correct direct link staves off people trying to download from illegitimate sources.

1 Like is an official OpenAI domain from which they serve assets to their consumer facing websites. In this case that includes the installation media for the MacOS desktop application.

We’ve posted the direct link here because while you’re advice is generally correct, we felt it was important to provide the link rather than risk people looking for it elsewhere and falling victim to a scam link.