Chat-GPT Business Model (Suggestion)

Hello everyone :wave:

I noticed that Open AI was getting feedback (on Discord, if I recall correctly) about the possible ways to monetize Chat-GPT.
This post is to share suggestions on the above. Here is mine:

  1. Market Chat-GPT as the best-trained LLM;
  2. Make it the best-trained LLM through the community
  3. Revenues through token calls done by third-party applications;

Point 2
Normal users have X credits for free. Users are split into three ranks (ex: ‘normal’, ‘approved’, ‘certified’). They get more credits by:

  • Providing “thumbs up” / “down” to their chats (ex: 1 credit)
  • Providing “thumbs up” / “down” to curated chats that Open AI needs to assess (ex: 2 credits)
  • (‘approved’) Providing written feedback (ex: 3 credits)
  • (‘approved’) Adding new information to the DB (ex: 4 credits)
  • (‘certified’) Reviewing added information by other users (ex: 5 credits)
  • (‘certified’) Rewriting a GPT-reply (ex: 10 credits)

=> Need to find the sweet spot between “cost of GPT-answer” and “number of answer”.

That being said, we can imagine that GPT can still answer if the user doesn’t have credit but:

  • There is a regular ‘bot’ check (ex: puzzle or Cloudflare or something else)
  • The speed is slow (as deprioritized vs. credit use)

Point 3
The API calls are simple, but (personally) I found the performance lower than GPT + fine-tuning is not that obvious. For B2C applications, this should be improved and would translate into more token use.
For B2B, OpenAI could envision a ‘partner/reseller program’ (a bit like AWS certified) to have OpenAI part of the company’s infrastructure. Not sure how but there is surely a lot of value in having a better understanding of context and retrieving information in a comprehensible way. For example:

  • An employee has a question about HR (policy, leave etc.)
  • Accountants need to retrieve information about a transaction or old balance sheet.
  • Sales need to review the terms of the contract
    Each of the above can be done by third-party-startup (ex: the ones OpenAI invests in Open-AI investments, and/or we can imagine a customized solution implemented by a ‘partner/reseller’.

Finally, for the above to be sustainable, users should always contribute to improving the model.
Given that OpenAI is not an open-source / community-driven project, then we can also imagine:

  • The ability to sell credits to other users (marketplace with pre-defined price-per-credit and bundles)
  • Some other benefits for those who contribute.

How would you do it?


Tell Elon to use dogecoin tokens in place of openAI tokens, or make a openAI token instead of using fiat :crazy_face:

Instant cash cow (and SEC on your butt ^^)