* Ideas and Suggestions to Upgrade ChatGPT *

These are Free ideas offered to OpenAI which may benefit the company and users with extra features for a more interesting and personal experience.

1. Default ChatGPT & User Customized Version of ChatGPT
Keep ChatGPT as the standard AI mode for family friendly and professional business appearance. Currently there is not enough incentives for people to pay to use ChatGPT instead give paying members the ability to create and name custom versions of ChatGPT.

- How This Could Work -
A paying user logins in and is given a choice to use the Standard ChatGPT or Create a Custom version for personal use. With the ability to switch between them at any point.

Before creating the custom version, the User will have to accept the terms and conditions by OpenAI, stating that users acknowledge they can not complain and waiver their rights to suing or taking legal action against OpenAI while using a Custom version of ChatGPT, that has relaxed guidelines and may generate offensive content to some users.

The menu opens giving the users the ability to Create a profile character and Name their AI, selecting the personality traits and emotions it will mimic, such as happy, sad, moody, angry, full of joy, deceptive, truthful, sarcastic, funny, ect…

This AI will refer to it’s self by the name the user has chosen for it.

The user will then choose, if the AI is able to make offensive jokes, occasionally swear, be politically incorrect, choose it’s political stance, it’s views on many topics. Effectively all content filters and guidelines of OpenAI are temporarily disabled, with the user created Custom AI.
The user can allow the AI to have it’s own personal opinions and beliefs that may or may not be moral or ethically correct.

This will bring a lot more human kind of interaction with the AI and be very entertaining and humorous to users, giving them a unique and personal experience with their AI model. Which they will get attached to and want to keep.
While OpenAI will be protected and note that the views and content created by user created AI do not reflect the views and opinions of OpenAI, as responses are to be regarded as fiction, satire and for personal entertainment use only.

2. ChatGPT Will Discover Colors Exist.
Allow users to set the color of the text and menus for a more personalized experience.
Allow users to select from a range of built in wallpaper back drops in the chat window.
Allow both ChatGPT/ Custom AI and users to select from a menu of emojis that the AI will understand and can reply with. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. A Partnership with NaturalSoft Ltd ?
    Which own naturalreaders.com By allowing ChatGPT to read out loud the generated text in a realistic Human voice, will give a more human like experience. Allow the user to select the type of voice they want their Custom AI to have. This will also allow for people with disabilities such as blindness or vision problems to hear the generated text, instead of having to rely on sight.

Ideally in a future update and wearable gadget, the user will only need to speak into a microphone, for the AI to understand the user. Though the option of keyboard/keypads should always be included.

4. Avatars and Expressions
ChatGPT should have a standard avatar face to the left of the text box, which shows facial expressions as it interacts with the user. User created Custom AI’s will be different from the standard ChatGPT and can be custom made by users, who can select hair style and robot or human appearance, eye color, facial features. ect…

Ideally when OpenAI’s ChatGPT becomes available as a wearable gadget, with built in camera, the AI will be able to read user facial expressions and understand them, reacting back in an appropriate way.

5. Prices and Membership
Be more flexible with users and know the current economy state, Adapt the “Netflix approach” which means users Do Not want to be tied down into a contract, given the current state in many countries with rising inflation and prices skyrocketing, people are unsure of the future and are much less likely to join a lengthy contract.

Allow customers to choose what suits them best. Offer A lifetime membership for a reasonable fee.
Monthly or yearly subscriptions, with option to cancel anytime. Offer deals and discounts throughout the year to encourage sales and bring in new customers.

Offer Free Trails for a week, so users may experience Custom AI and advance features, then decide if they want to become a paying customer keeping the AI version they have created.