Chat GPT becoming poor and declining

I have been using ChatGPT for a few months to help mostly with Power Bi DAX solutions. Lately , it has been moronic - I get the same ‘solution’ for an error and therefore get the same error ?
It also leaves out key statements in my question and then i have to ask why xyz is missing and then it added as an after thought ?

Not happy as it held such promise.

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Which model are you using?

Is not moronic, they improve him continuously and you have to adjust your parameters ( Top P and Temperature). Is normal, I made same thing last months and never change instructions to one assistant that work with CSV files. And is working, the only thing i did is adjusting Top P and Temperature until I see him act normally like before.

I was in your situation and I was thinking the same, I was wringing to support, it was a drama (season 1, season 2… :laughing: ) :see_no_evil:

I saw the ChatGPT GPT tag now…
I got errors too on my Custom GPT, one was frustrating when i regenerate same prompt and get same error again and again. The only thing help me for that was to reinforce him with more details to get him out from the gap.