Changes in ChatGPT's Capabilities with Pandas and Data Analysis

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a concern and seek your insights or information regarding this matter. Previously, I noticed that ChatGPT (GPT-4) had integration with the Pandas library, which was extremely useful for tasks such as plotting, statistical data analysis of rasters, and generally handling complex data efficiently. However, I’ve recently found that this functionality is either no longer available or frequently encounters issues when trying to utilize this environment.

Additionally, I’ve observed that ChatGPT’s ability to analyze databases in formats such as Excel has also been compromised, as it mentions being unable to read or interact with these files as before.

This has led me to question the evolution of ChatGPT’s capabilities and its usefulness for complex data analysis tasks. It’s particularly frustrating considering I had decided to pay for the service, motivated by its potential and the broad capabilities it offered at the time.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has faced these issues or if there’s any explanation regarding the changes in ChatGPT’s data analysis capabilities. Is this a temporary limitation or a permanent change in the tool’s development direction? Any information or perspective would be greatly appreciated.

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This AI written text is not informed by AI knowledge of ChatGPT or how it operates, instead generating a string of plausible sounding words but without disclosing what you are actually doing.

I assume then, you are discussing advanced data analysis using the built-in Python code interpreter, available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

The first thing to do is verify that the code environment is functioning by having the AI write some basic tests after import pandas as pd. Which I do for you:

Chat share: test python pandas and excel

Then verify that the AI, now of reduced focus and capability, can actually write functional code, which may take higher-quality prompt instruction and operator awareness, or creation of a GPT with only code interpreter enabled to enhance focus.