Chat GPT app android battery drain

I have problem with ChatGPT app on android. Everytime its in foreground or background its draining battery like hell (20% per hour).
Its only happening on S24 Ultra. Also on internet there are complains about similar isues on snapdragon gen3 and apple a17 pro processor phones. Can you dig into this problem? As for now the only remedy is to kill the app process manually. Thanks
App version is 1.2024.108 (but its the same on beta). Android version 14, One Ui 6.1. I did already restart, reinstall etc. The scenario is simple - it drains battery 20% per hour if its not killed as a process. No matter if the app is n foreground or background.
s24 ultra has armv9 cpu achitecture
i have tested it on s23, tab s8+, tabs6+ and redmi note 12 - no issues

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I have the same issue on s24 ultra. It is making app unusable . I hope they solve it soon.

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As for now, we can only set it to be restricted in the background :person_shrugging:

Same issue for me on my S24Ultra. I had the GPT shortcut in the notification center and widget. I set up battery restrictions to max for this app, and yet it was still draining the battery like crazy. Even warming up the phone. This is a serious no-no for now.

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Adding a +1 here. Also a problem on my S24 Ultra. I’ve deleted the app and using the web app for now

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So, OpenAI, will you fix the problem?

Yes, the same problem xiaomi 14 ultra.

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For Android OS users, you can significantly reduce battery consumption by setting restrictions on app usage through your device settings.

If you’re not using Android OS, this topic might not be applicable to you…

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Did this from the get go. But a real fix needed.

Hey, OpenAI. Please elaborate on this matter XD

I can confirm issue is still present. Issue is happening even on s22 Ultra. Not sure if it’s related to the phone model or android version. Currently on Android 14. Hope they really fix this issue soon!

The same thing is happening with my S24 Plus as well. It’s really frustrating

Just to bump the topic up - problem is still not solved.

I have the s24 plus and its drains too much battery until date…i try it out every week and its still no fix for this yet

I just can’t believe it . You risk losing your smartphone throughout the day and becoming offline. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to fix this bug. :sob: