CHAT GPT 4 Painfully slow, I know why, with a quick solution

Hello, so, for the past weeks, I have had slow, painful responses from chatgpt 4, but the key was that, it was only from the default chatgpt 4 (I think because of the ability to attach images and get the gpt to analyse it), meaning if I use the advanced analysis mode, the answers I get were very smooth, so right now, as all the chatgpt (modes) were all put together, the problem appeared to everyone, so I think this is the problem. So the modes need to be seperated again as the normal one is very slow, which made it slow for everyone.

For the quick solution, I have been using the (plugin) mode and it was smooth for me (better than the default one 100%).
A quick solution till openAI fix it.


I’m having this same issue. The slow response times, load failure, and need to regenerate almost each response is slowing down all of my usage.

I might have to start looking for other options. This has really slowed down my progress.

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It’s not even working properly anymore!! Disastrous performance for the past 10 days.


I’m having a terrible time with ChatGPT-4 today. Anyone else? SLOW and not able to provide answers all the time.

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This is what happens when the board makes bad decisions and kicks out the best players.

Sam, please come back and fix this!

It’s asking me to retry for the most basic questions. Not only today, but ever since the new updates it’s been crazy!

same for me, using my personal GPT becomes almost unusable due to the crazy lags. Just mentioning to hopefully speed up the fixing process.

Possibly slow due to the insane demand after the DevDay, but in the last three to four days, it has worked fairly fast for me.

I ended up cancelling my sub because of how unusable V4 is, why pay for a better AI when it takes 10-20x as long to give you the same answers, most of which need to be regenerated anyway… Shame really.

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Not just today. It has been since after DevDay. Very slow, crashes on requests, wrong answers, and extremely slow. Even the GPTs that we were all excited about have been awful.

whats going on with chatgpt? its super laggy, i cleared cache, it doesnt fix it. every instruction the page freezes and takes about 2-5 minutes to respond… ?

gpt4 has become so slow that it is no longer usable.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad today, and what’s worse is waiting three minutes for a generation only to get a Network Error before it completes, making it useless. Just annoying when there are already limits on how many outputs you can generate, and it’s been happening way to often this month.

It errors out on almost every message. Sometimes 10 times in a row. It’s practically unusable for weeks.

It’s also not following directions and is incredibly dumb. I will tell GPT4 to “stop using …” And it says ok. And does it again. So then I manually input a new message removing the … (unwanted section of text) and responds and includes the unwanted section. I remind it. And it just keeps it. This is super frustrating! GPT4 needs to be fixed ASAP

No wonder it times out if everyone needs to refresh the response 10 times to try to get it to work. That kills the network response times

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They’re claiming they fixed an issue a few hours ago, but I just checked, and it’s still a problem.

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Yes man ChatGPT 4 is painfully slow and I am actually less productive because as its typing I start fooling around

Ok what’s happening here, it’s been like this for me for at least 2 weeks. Crazy lags and freezing, it’s practically unusable. How is no one talking about this? Are we just a really small minority?? I can’t believe everyone else is paying for the service running like this and no one is complaining.


Yes, i can confirm that Chatgpt 4 has become very slow(seems increasingly unstable), the python script analysis is continually breaking down and it does not retain information or rules stated from previous prompts that well anymore. Chatgpt4 was working great a couple of weeks ago, but indeed when the plugins are combined the system seems to have become more unstable. However, I am not sure if this the exact cause.

Would like to know what is causing these problems so i can potentially adjust my current workflow and can manage my expectations for the coming weeks.

They’ve had a LONG time to get their hosting servers right. With all the money they’re worth, and the money WE are paying them every month, this should no longer be an issue!!

I’m looking to alternative AIs because this is unacceptable. I get that it’s a new thing. But their problem is about server sizes, not the AI part smh