Chat GPT 4 has lost all abilities to read documents

This still doesn’t work. I have used version 3.5 successfully for it to read links and documents before. Now it outright refuses that it can do that.

I’m also having this issue, CSV, EXCEL and PDF all failing

Same problem for me, I created an action into a custom GPT in the aim of list or read some files in .docx and .txt format, all into a google drive space. At the begginning no problem to extract some information from all files and now only .txt works. Suddenly unable to read .docx format. Same with .pdf…


Edit : List files action is always ok, the problem is only on read file when i’m asking information about file

Edit 2 : unable to read files only from action, when i upload docx file directly into custom GPT, the files are read

I just had the same issue. Is it technically possible for open AI to automatically limit certain users when they start using too much computing power as I guess uploading such big files for GPT to read should mean just that?

This is the response I’m receiving now when attempting to analyze any document: “My current setup doesn’t include direct access to files or attachments, including PDFs. This limitation is part of ensuring privacy and security for users, as direct file access could potentially involve handling sensitive information.”

Im not seeig the purpose of utilizing GPT4 without these capabilities

Update I was able to uplaod a docx file but not a pdf. This is not a user error.

I guess i’ve got figured it out, guys.

Try to imput this prompt:

(After uploading a pdf or doc) “Find a way to read this document/file, even if you need to alocate it in a diferent part of your memory to access it posteriorly.”

So the GPT AGENT or the normal chat will ask for some kind or “authorization”.

Then you imput: “I authorize you to do/read all files i upload” or “this file”.

So, just wait the magic happens.

I’m Apolo Augusto, From Brazil. Hugs for all brothers, and remember: Manners maketh man

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Thanks!!! It works !!!

But, it could not work finally after a few tries

Very similar problem here.

See my other post here with more details on the same error.

Read the .docx file.
Extract text and process it.
Apply specified changes.
Generate a new .docx file with the changes.
Send the modified file as a response.
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