GPT-4 API Keys on Beta invite

Anyone know how to obtain GPT-4 keys. I only seem to be able to add 3.5 keys to my account. I was invited to the beta and I have the Plus account. Any help would be appreciated.

ChatGPT plus subscription and its purchased features is different than API, which has a separate billing system.

API gpt-4 is not available for accounts with only API free trial credits.

If you’ve never put in a payment method before, you can purchase a minimum $5 paid credit, and that will give additional models and lift the rate limit per minute, while you still first use the trial credits.

If you are grandfathered in to a pay-as-you-go plan (monthly bill), then you won’t have access until:

  • you make sufficient paid usage billings for your card on file to be charged (in the past $1+), and
  • OpenAI uses that as a qualifying criteria when again adding more gpt-4 users.
  • or OpenAI decides on a different gpt-4 onboarding policy for its long-term users.

In an attempt to get an API key to access GPT-4, I removed the card I have as a payment method and added it back. I was then given the option to make a prepayment, and I put in $10. After doing that, GPT-4 appeared in the playground! Hooray!
But when generating API keys, it turns out they still only work on GPT-3.5. My happiness was short-lived!