Can't upgrade to Plus. Feature is locked


I can’t upgrade my account. I used to have a Plus account, but the feature seems locked when I try to upgrade. Is there a way to circumvent this?


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Did you maybe try to click on “Manage my subscription?”


+1, having the same issue here. Would love to re-upgrade after pausing, but I’ve been unable.

It seems possible this is a bug related to users who cancelled their plan and then renewed. I notice that the “Upgrade your plan” card seems to indicate that Plus is my current plan (though the rest of the UI disagrees).

That brings up my payment, but it doesn’t give me an option to renew.

What exactly does it show?

I’m guessing there isn’t anything you’ll be able to do but contact support to try to resolve it, but I’m curious if it still has your payment information, etc.

You might also check your email and see if the cancellation confirmation included any information about resuming.

The part where the button in the first screenshot says “your current plan” means that indeed you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, and should have all the perks that it entails.

It should auto-charge until you cancel.

If there’s no engineering your way past that and you get no plus. Message thru the bot at is the only way to get someone to straighten out the account.

Welcome to the developer forum,

The developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT support. Please use either website or OpenAI Discord.

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