Can't upgrade to Chat Gpt Plus

Hello all, I have been trying to upgrate to chat gpt plus, but there is a message that shows contact help center. what to do?


As this is a forum for developers to share code and solve technical issues related to coding and the API, I suggest you contact OpenAI sales for these types of sales related question:

I agree with Zeeshan works,

even i tried upgrading my to Chat gpt plus but i won’t it was showing to reach out help centre.

I dropped the email to open ai team

I have the same problem, it’s as if it won’t allow me to upgrade there is a little :lock: symbol on subscribe it only goes away after I clicked the box that says business which I don’t own a business. Is chatGPT plus only for business owners? It also says my bank card CVC number is invalid when it is. I sent a email was redirected to here.

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