Can't open an account even though previous account with phone number is deleted

I know this is not an account support forum, but have no other option now.

I have been trying to open an account with my company email for months now.
During the initial excitement, I ended up opening two accounts with ChatGPT consuming the maximum usage of my phone number.

Later I deleted one of my accounts to be able to use the same phone number to open a new account with my company email.

OpenAI won’t let me do that and still shows that my phone number is already used up on max counts.

My company can provide me with a new phone number but I don’t want to. It’s an additional head of maintenance for me.

Support is useless and I never get any reply to my queries. And now the project at work is already progressing and I have no way to contribute.

Does anyone know a solution for this that I could try? Thanks.

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