Mobile Verification Issue: No Reply From Support For 4 weeks

Hey all,

I’m trying to create a new OpenAI account with my personal email address but keep running into an issue with my phone number.

Previously, I had an OpenAI account connected to my old work email, although that account was deleted when I left my former company.

When attempting to create a new personal account, I get an error saying my mobile number has reached the maximum number of accounts allowed per phone number (3). However, I have only ever had one OpenAI account linked to my number, and that account no longer exists. This is the error message for ref:
This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.

I’m not sure why I’m running into this error since my old work account was deleted and I’ve never had any other accounts. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve messaged their online chat and support email numerous times over the last month. I had one response via the online chat telling me that I’m not able to have more than 3 accounts linked to my mobile number - essentially regurgitating the same error message - they obviously didn’t read my message. Since that first reply it’s been complete silence.

I use ChatGPT Plus to speed up menial admin tasks and this is costing me at the moment. Does anyone know what I can do?

Thank you!