Can't find the finetuned model, while in the Python end it said the finetuning is succeeded

I can’t find the finetuned model, after finish finetuning it, I got it name, but where can I find it? It’s not seen in the playground; not seen in the Organization or anywhere else through my ID in OPenAI.

Can anyone tell me where to find it?

  • List Fine-Tunes API should show it, the status, and the fine_tuned_model
  • Successful fine-tunes also show in Playground under Completion models
    Playground - OpenAI API 2023-06-05 10-56-22

Thanks for the reply, but where is the fine_tuned_model? As you show, I suppose it is in the "mode"column of the playground interface, but so weird I don’t have a "mode"column there: