Completed fine tuned model disappeared before first use?

I had been using the openai api cli tool to create my fine-tuned model.

I had been following my fine tune with the command: openai api fine_tunes.follow -i ft-SgX****************2fx7

(censoring id’s and model names with *'s)

Eventually, it told me it was done, and to try out my fine-tune with the command:
openai api completions.create -m ft-***************-06 -p <YOUR_PROMPT>

But when I ran this (albeit days later), it said:
Error: The model ft-***************-06 does not exist (HTTP status code: 404)

And now,
openai api fine_tunes.follow -i ft-SgX****************2fx7
Error: No fine-tune job: ft-SgX****************2fx7 (HTTP status code: 404)

openai api fine_tunes.list returns an empty list, however I’m not actually clear on if that should list the completed fine tuned model, or should only list in progress fine-tuned jobs, and that they eventually expire off after being completed?

And I am finding no evidence of my fine-tuned model to be found. Unfortunately, my terminal history output cleared so I don’t have screenshots of the fine tune being created and completed

I have multiple keys I am using on a single OpenAI account, and I have checked for the models existence across all the keys, but I cannot find it. I’m not sure if it should be available to all keys but I assume it should be.

Nobody else has access to this account or have deleted the fine tunes as far as I can tell (is there a history I can see related to this?)

Question 1) Should completed fine-tuned models continue to be listed as fine-tuned “jobs” forever or are they listed somewhere else, such as in the models.list (where I have not found it either)?

Question 2) Can I see a history of creation and deletion of fine-tunes, if it were deleted for any reason?

Question 3) Any reason fine tuned models get deleted automatically?

ft-*** is the ID of the fine-tuning job, not the fine-tuned model. See API for listing fine-tunes and fine_tuned_model is what you want to use. Alternatively go to Playground, select Complete mode, and see if your fine-tune model shows in the dropdown.

API keys are also tied to your user, they all have the same access. If your user is part of multiple API Organizations you may need to switch settings or provide the Org ID in API calls.

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