Fine-Tuned model does not show up on Playground


I tried to fine-tune a Davinci model. But I have the problem, that after fine-tuning my model does not show up on the Playground and I don’t know whats the issue.
For fine-tuning, I followed this TDS-Tutorial.
My code looks as follows:

import os
import subprocess

os.environ["OPENAI_API_KEY"] = "My_API_KEY_HERE"

## prepared_data.csv --> prepared_data_prepared.json'openai tools fine_tunes.prepare_data --file prepared_data.csv --quiet'.split())

## Start fine-tuning'openai api fine_tunes.create --training_file prepared_data_prepared.jsonl --model davinci --suffix "DepressionModel"'.split())
CompletedProcess(args=['openai', 'api', 'fine_tunes.create', '--training_file', 'prepared_data_prepared.jsonl', '--model', 'davinci', '--suffix', '"DepressionModel"'], returncode=0)

My “prepared_data_perpared.jsonl”-File looks like this:

{"prompt":"Ich muss mich nochmal entschuldigen, ich habe deinen Vornamen vergessen. ->","completion":" [Vorname].\n"}
{"prompt":"Bitte? ->","completion":" [Vorname].\n"}
{"prompt":"[Vorname]? ->","completion":" Ja.\n"}

When opening Playground now, I do not find the model under the “Model” section.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

Thanks & regards,

If you try to retrieve the fine-tune using the ID it returned (ft-xxxx...), what does it show for status?

fine-tune list docs: OpenAI API