Can't Edit Prompts on ChatGPT

Since at least an hour ago, I haven’t been able to edit my prompts on the browser version of ChatGPT (on mobile; not near my PC to test it at the moment), meaning I have to start a new chat every time.

I prefer my chats to be in groups of 10-15 edits, so I’m not a fan of this change if it’s deliberate.

Haven’t been able to remove GPTs from the sidebar either.

Tried on Chrome and Opera.


Its happening to me to and im going to ne honest. IM FREAKING THE F OUT!


Its happening to me too. Its really annoying


Same problem . For more than 2 hours , the edit pencit icon is not present. It is annoying to make new chats just to make changes to text prompts. Same problem whether on Google or other browsers.

To OpenAI , please fix this issue .


Same here. At around 6-7am when I first got on it didn’t work. I can however say it still works on PC, but no longer on mobile. It’s very annoying.


Same, i can’t edit the prompts


Im having the same issue pls fix this​:sob::sob::sob:


Same here! I’ve been having the same exact issue for at least 6 hours now. This is the only post I see about it. I hope they fix it soon.


I believe this happened at the beginning of the year as well and they fixed it with an update. But it’s bloody annoying. I stopped paying for premium because of this. I love chatgpt but Google Gemini has been my go-to for the past few hours.


The pain is real, same issue for me!

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Unfortunately, same.

Suggestion to who has PC:

Until its fixed, use pc.

I pretty hope they are trying to fix this issue.


Hey there! Thanks for flagging - looking into it. Do you mind sharing whether this happens when you’re logged into ChatGPT or are you signed out?

To verify, if you’re signed out, it should say sign up in the bottom left corner.


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Regardless if i’m logged in or not, it doesn’t work. I already tested it on mobile, not sure on pc though

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It’s happening regardless of being logged in or out.

My edit was working until just half an hour ago or so.

Thanks for replying.

It happens when I’m logged in. I can’t use ChatGPT while logged out, so I can’t confirm whether or not that makes a difference.

I can confirm it works as normal on PC. It’s only mobile browsers that seem to be affected.

I’m logged in and it doesn’t work for me either.

If happens for both logged in and logged out users on the site. Can you please fix it as soon as possible? Also, I tried to use the 'show desktop site" mode on mobile browser, but it still doesnt show up.

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Same as the others . The edit button has disappeared from mobile browsers . So far, PC or laptop can work . But it is an convenience for me and most people who use mobile phones to access Chatgpt . Hopeful that this issue will be fix in the shortest time possible.

OpenAI Update The Site Without Removing or Breaking Basic Features Challenge: IMPOSSIBLE

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yeah i hope so :frowning_face: this is very hindering