Edit button missing on mobile?

The edit button, for me, has up and disappeared on my mobile devices (iPad and normal phone) since i reloaded the page a bit ago. I don’t know if this is related to the fact that im currently locked into gpt-3 rn, And if it is them that implies that editing is now gpt-4 only (bad stinky update if so). Otherwise, ive mo clue what happened. Helbj


It’s happening to me too and I pay for the full version. I hope this is just a bug and they fix it soon

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Edit button is missing too as of today… I’m currently using my Samsung Galaxy Tab A8…

It’s happening to me also, hopefully it’ll get fixed soon

I’m using the free version and have also noticed this. I tried everything even signing in and out and also updating my chrome

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I am facing the same problem my message edit button is not appearing please chat gpt team fixed this problem :pray:


I have been using chatgpt with the browser Samsung internet and the button that alows for you to rewrite previously sent requests has stoped apearing all of a sudden. I tried a lot of things, including acessing it in another browser, but the button doesn’t apear no matter what.


So I’m not the only one then wondering where the edit button went thank god. I was stressed

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Thanks for restoring it.
It’s Working now

Also happening for me in all my mobile devices

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Its missing regaurdless of which version youre using. Paid or not.

This better be a bug and not the outright removal of the button.

Seriously theyve made changes thag just dont make sense recently with the buttons, like please leave em be.

Edit: booted up my pc just toc heck. It is ONLY mobile, as of right now.

However, this does not mean putting your mobile browser on Desktop mode will fix anything. It does not.


Hey bro do you know how to solve this problem i wanted my edit icon back I browse chat gpt in chrome

same here!! it’s alright on my pc browser and app, but couldn’t find edit anywhere on mobile browsers… hope they fix this soon :frowning:

I don’t understand why they do this they have to upgrade features not ruin it hopes it’s fixed soon

I still have the same problem, googled it up to see if anyone else had it too. Good to know everyone else seems to have the same issue. It’s probably a bug or error, as this isn’t the first time this has happened to me before. There was even a variation of this issue in which the first message didn’t have the edit button on it but latest messages did have it. It’s probably gonna get fixed sooner or later, i just hope it’s the former and not the latter as i don’t want to have to wait for 4 hours or 2 days until it gets fixed like i had to wait in past occasions.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem

I am Having this Issue on my Samsung S23 FE but not my Laptop it must be a mobile only thing I hope

Same, its good to know im not the only one with the issue

It’s annoying since now I have to open a new chat every time I want to change my prompt.

I don’t see what removing the ability to edit prompts accomplishes.

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It still works on Windows so I assume its a bug