Cannot continue conversation with GPT-3.5 because of GPT-4o limit

Moving to Google AI, this is just too annoying.

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Keep in mind that if you conversation is already using tools, there’s no way to undo that as far as i know, so the current fix is to start a new one and if your conversation is too long, search long prompt splitter on google, this website will help you break down your conversation in to parts, that way you can sent your previous conversation to a new one with the same context

It’s this icon in the lower right

i did what you suggested, disabled the memory, and it’s still limited after awhile.

You should disable memory, and tell ChatGPT not to use any tools. You can just tell it: don’t use memory, don’t browse the web, don’t use data analysis, and don’t make Dall-E images (those are the four common tools).

You could also just choose 3.5 from the dropdown for the whole conversation.

Same here. After 3 text messages only…

I´ll try to do that (for tools), but in my dashboard can´t choose 3.5 anymore… and, as the author of this topic said,


what this this post?
Does this post give an answer to our problem??? or just you posted something un-related?

SAME! what happened to gpt 3.5, i use it everytime

There’s a limit on how much you can use gpt-4o, as long as you don’t use any tools, you still be able to continue the chat after a cooldown