Can we post on social media about this?

When it comes to developing Chat Plugins, are there any Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in place that prohibit us from sharing information about the plugins we create? Or are we free to discuss and disclose details about our plugin development process, functionality, and features?


Does this answer your questions?

As far as NDAs, in other real world projects and jobs I have always been given a copy of the NDA to sign and return. The NDA would have to be signed and returned before and further steps could take place.

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Yeah, I was using NDA as an anlogy. :slight_smile:

So if I have a github repo with my experiments for plugins. Can I make them public? Can I mention them on social media? Can I write up posts on them and make them public?

Just wanted to make sure before I went ahead and did it. - Thank you

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While I am not a OpenAI employee or such, my take after reading the documents would be that all those are allowed as long as you don’t do things like use the trademarked items in the name, e.g. if you called the plugin Excel à la ChatGPT, I think that would get two large legal departments sending you cease and desist orders.

You can always mention Logan to get him to notice this topic and hopefully respond.


In our letter of plugins activation we received, there’s a text that reads:

"We encourage you to share your demo on social media and include social links with your submission. If the community is excited about what you’re building, we will be too! ".

I am not sure if this applies to approved plugins only or to those under development as well. I would say it applies to all.


Thank you! Guess I should’ve had GPT read that and tell me the “key takeaways” :slight_smile:


Yes, confirming you are all good to share!


Thank you for confirming! Super helpful.

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